Our Functional Training Program is designed to improve your golf game

What is functional training? Functional training is the act of training specific muscle groups for a specific activity. In other words we focus on training the areas of the body that are utilized in the game of golf. A functional training program done correctly will improve your golf game... it’s that simple. We focus on training drills to maximize posture, strength, balance and flexibility. More strength will translate to a better drive. Balance and flexibility will lead to better mechanics in your swing. A rigorous conditioning program will give you more energy on the back 9. Our personal trainers will develop a customized program for each individual that focuses on repetitive exercise to build strength, muscle memory and endurance. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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Meet Joe Quinn

 Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn, founder and president, created Pro Q Fitness in 2001 with the belief that exercise and wellness is essential to not only adding more years to your life but adding more life to your years! Joe attended Penn State University and received a BS in Kinesiology in 1997. Since graduation he has committed himself and his company to the highest standards for health and mental well-being. He has received the Gold Standard Certificate for Personal Training from the ACSM.
At Pro Q Fitness Personal Training we believe that success comes in stages. The first stage is simply the will to want to change. Are you tired all the time? Do you want to lose weight but can't figure out how to get started? Once you have the proper mental approach to get in shape everything else falls into place. We are here educate you on how to accomplish your fitness goals, keep you motivated and most importantly challenge you on a daily basis. Contact us today and get started on the new you.

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